YMCA Move and Groove Playtime Nov 5th

A Step Ahead in partnership with the Mel Korum YMCA had another splendid movement and play opportunity using the YMCA ‘s incredible GYM. A total of 27 children and 19 parents/grandparents and 5 educators/therapists enjoyed the event. Children and parents moved through David’s inspired semi-wrap around the room obstacle course utilizing giant bolsters, mats, cubes and even a. slide. A few ride toys, 2 teeter totters, 2 toddler climbers and a baby crawl zone were featured activities. There was a bean bag toss, musical instruments, colorful balls ,scarves, animal puppets and giant purple puff balls set in various zones about the room for children to enjoy. The room length trampoline and the pool filled with foam cubes was a very popular area to play in. We were delighted to see many interactions taking place between children such as watching each other as children jointly teeter tottered, playing puff ball into the bucket together, and children watching and following one-another through obstacle courses. Some friendships were formed as two little girls played ball toss back and forth with each other, then followed one another in play. We concluded our event with a giant circle time where and we sang together using clappers,giant bungees and a parachute for our special version of “Wheels on the Bus”. A big thank you goes to David and our new volunteer Bekah who spent an hour helping set up zones for everyone’s enjoyment. Educators Yok ( photographer etraordionaire)) La Guilia, Karen O.T. attended the event and supported their children in play. A big thank you to all the families who took the time to bring their wee ones to this very active play time, I hope you all were rewarded by your children taking long naps!
Look for postings on our website in January for next years YMCA events. Marti Cates.