Annabelle's Story

Diagnosed with Dravet syndrome as an infant, Annabelle’s mom, Emily, worked tirelessly to find her medications and treatments that would curb the condition’s severe seizures. A circuitous turn of events brought the family from the south to Puyallup.

Here, a physician referred them to A Step Ahead.

“I still remember our assessment visit,” recalls Emily. “Sheryl asked me how many words Annabelle used and I said ten. But as we started counting up the words, I realized that she only knew five words. At that moment, I realized she had delays – it was devastating.”

At 20-months, Annabelle’s frequent seizures also impacted her physically and cognitively. A Step Ahead recommended an aggressive routine of therapy, boosting visits from weekly to three times a week.

“Things didn’t get magically better,” Emily explains. But she’s quick to point out Annabelle has made remarkable progress.“

She’s achieved huge milestones. She has a big vocabulary. She’s walking and talking much better. And she’s now able to play and interact with other children, something she couldn’t do when we started.”

Because therapy services like those provided to Annabelle are frequently limited by medical coverage, A Step Ahead relies on the generous contributions of donors to fill the gap. Please consider a donation today.