E-Newsletter August 2020

Fund Development

Contributed by: Michelle Smith, Fund Development & Communications Officer

Wow, what a crazy year! Due to COVID restrictions our awesome “Casino for a Cause” auction will be moved to 2021. However, we will be featuring virtual auction on October 17th 2020. Stay tuned for more information on this not to be missed exciting event including VIP Packages, virtual experiences, and virtual door prizes!!!


Contributed by the Family Resources Coordinator Staff at A Step Ahead

Call 211 and ask a Family Navigator to help you find services, supports, activities, and events within Pierce County. Learn More at United Way of Pierce County

Concerns about a child’s development or milestones? Pierce County Early Intervention offers free evaluations and supports. Make a referral online, by emailing pcfrc@piercecountywa.gov, or via fax to 253.798.2818.

Virtual Developmental Screenings We are offering FREE virtual developmental screenings!

KBTC Kids Grab N Go Meals and Activities 

KBTC is providing educational activity packs for kids and families during school closures. Find us at one of the sites below.
If you can’t make it to a site, find the list of activities included in the packets HERE
FREE Diaper Resource!
Help Me Grow Pierce County supports a network of diaper banks for families with multiple locations throughout the county. For more information, please visit their Diaper Bank Website.

Meet the Staff

Introducing the ASAPC

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Task Force!

Left to Right: Ciara Caldwell, Katie Forest, Harmony McCann, Maria Verduzco, Danielle Bryant

Purpose Statement:

At ASAPC our goal is to actively foster a culturally supportive and competent environment. We aim to promote equitable access to resources. In our initiative, we have designed inclusive and diverse information with tools and strategies that are both culturally relevant and client centered. We will support and empower our Black, Indigenous, and families of color by educating ourselves. We strive to be culturally aware and competent by providing multicultural educational materials, acknowledging holidays, traditions, and helping families advocate for their children. 

Member statement:

The members of this task force are committed to fostering a compassionate and supportive environment for all, while we strive towards becoming aware of our own implicit and explicit biases.  Education in socioeconomic disparities experienced by Black, Indigenous, and People of color (BIPOC) as a result of the systemic racism that is rooted within our nation, will naturally and ultimately lead to us becoming actively anti-racist providers and members of society. 


  1. Helping staff feel confident and equipped in discussing racial topics  

ASAPC staff will commit itself to the continual involvement of actively addressing racial issues ( i.e. white fragility, microaggressions, colorblind mentality, racial gas lighting, prejudice, discrimination, redlining, reverse racism, socioeconomic disparities, systemic racism, passive racism, white privilege, cultural safety versus cultural tolerance, etc. ) with the understanding that change must start with ourselves in order to better serve our families. All employees have the responsibility to maintain an environment that is safe, respectful and productive. Everyone has the right to be treated fairly within the workplace in an environment that recognizes and accepts diversity.  

  1. Participation

ASAPC staff will actively participate in required monthly, small group discussions on racial issues to build our knowledge of racial inequities, systemic racism, and be open to learning and understanding from multiple perspectives and experiences that differ from our own. We will read text and watch videos recommended by the team, in order to further our education and contribute meaningfully to discussions and small group tasks. We will participate in on going assessments.  Breakdown systemic barriers to full inclusion by embedding diversity and inclusion into policies and practices. Equip leaders with the ability to manage diversity and be accountable for the results. We can all contribute by participating in workplace diversity and inclusion activities and opportunities and complying with all anti-discrimination and workplace diversity commitments.  

  1. Families

ASAPC staff will be committed to learning about other cultures and traditions and apply this knowledge when working with families. We will provide educational teaching materials and activities that highlight a variety of ethnicity, cultures, languages, and diverse family make-up.  We will learn about traditions and practices that reflect the values and diversity of the families we support.  We will honor and respect these traditions.