E-Newsletter December 2019

A Step Ahead is Hiring!

Do you know anyone who love kids and would love to join our team?  Send them to our website and tell them to click the employment tab.  We are currently seeking a Speech-Language Pathologist, Pediatric Occupational Therapist, an Early Childhood Special Educator, and a Family Resources Coordinator.

Fund Development

The ASAPC Annual Report was released in November. It showcases the growth we’ve had in the past year and keeps you up to date on how we are serving our community. Click the Link Below to View the Report.


Contributed by Early Intervention Teacher: Lindsey Hartman, MA

Strategies for Reading with Children who have Hearing Loss

Hearing loss in the general population is incredibly low incidence; however, in the population of kids we serve, it is actually quite common. There is a wide variety of definitions of hearing loss including everything from profound permanent hearing loss to mild temporary hearing loss. This slight hearing loss is most often due to chronic ear infections or recurrent fluid retention for the children we serve. Just imagine trying to learn language when everything sounds like you are living under water. No matter what the reason, hearing loss is often the culprit of language delays with kids birth to 3 years old. Reading is a wonderful strategy to boost language development for young children, but reading to a child with hearing loss can require different strategies. Regardless, there are many ways you can improve shared reading experiences with children who have hearing loss- no matter how permanent or temporary it may be. Click on the file above to view this resource and find out more about these strategies. (Or click Download to Save a Copy) Happy Reading!


Contributed by A Step Ahead’s Staff of Family Resources Coordinators & BOOST Program Coordinator

Sensory Sensitive Santa Events

Sensitive Santa: The Outlet Collection Seattle in Auburn, 

Date: Sunday December 8, 2019 – Time: 9-11am

Click here to book tickets – Santa is Free, Photo Packages available for additional charge.

Santa is for everyone. But for children and families with special needs, seeing Santa can bring on stress, anxiety and even panic. For those on the autism spectrum and those with related sensory sensitivities, a Santa visit can mean crowded spaces, long lines and a swirl of competing noise that can create an overstimulating and upsetting environment.
That’s why we’ve created a sensory-friendly experience that welcomes guests with all types of special needs to enjoy a magical morning with Santa before regular center activities begin.

Caring Santa: Tacoma Mall, 4502 S Steele St, Tacoma

Date: Sunday December 8, 2019 – Time: 8 to 9:30am

Click here to RSVP

Caring Santa provides a subdued and welcoming environment for children with special needs and their families.

The Old Cannery Furniture Warehouse, 13608 Cannery Way in Sumner

Date: Sunday December 14th – By Appointment

Check Facebook for Updates and to schedule


The Wishing Well Foundation “Secret Shopping Event” Gifts for Foster Children.

Breakfast with Santa at Sprinker Recreation

Meet Our Staff

Danielle Bryant, Family Resources Coordinator

Tell us about your background and education?  B.S. in Biochemistry.  Business owner, Teacher, Manager, Team lead, Counselor.

Describe a typical “Day at the Office” for you? Typical day at the office: get in and read emails, Call or text families, input all data into ESIT, close out files, send records to doctors offices, set up meeting with school districts, meet families for evaluations, go to meeting to discuss families, Call new referrals, Prepare files for meetings, make copies and fax things to doctors.

What do you like about ASAPC?  The flexibility in my schedule, work day, and the autonomy to do my job without being micromanaged.

Any Funny / Best Stories to Share?  I have a pet pig who sleeps on the couch with the dog and cats like an every day animal. She is 30 lbs and pushes me out of the way to snuggle the other animals and to be warm. So I end up sitting on the floor to watch tv. There is no more room on the couch for me the owner.

Anything else you want to share?  I live to Travel and Traveling is what I do for fun and pleasure in my life.